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I contacted Kevin for help with my whole life. He facilitated improvements  which were wonderful. In the course of working with me on my perceptions and reactions to various situations, Kevin skillfully and gently uncovered other issues I didn't even realize I had. As a result I feel infinitely more worthy of joy love and abundance. I am more love and abundance. Kevin has acted as a wise and compassionate teacher in showing me new ways to weave alchemy into my life. I'd spent most of my life ignoring and downplaying my psychic abilities and fascination with energy healing. Now I'm embracing and actively nurturing those passions. I feel alive and excited again thanks to Kevin's special brand of magic. I recommend him highly.

~Beth Bryant, Seattle Washington

Kevin is an exceptional individual. He's been gifted with love and passion for life. He has the ability to see beyond the mundane into other worlds and possibilities. His compassion opens him up to the magnificence dynamics and mystery of this school of learning that we're experiencing. He is highly intelligent creative and playful. He loves how Source's grace moves through him...thus he becomes a conduit for his own unfoldment and transformation and that of his clients. He sees every experience as an adventure. He trust and allows the information that comes forth as perfection and people experience upliftment encouragement and transformation in his sessions. I highly recommend working with Kevin. His optimism will enliven and inspire you.

~Toni Delgado, Las Cruces New Mexico

Kevin has become a special brother and friend in my life. My first session with him was three years ago when I was experiencing medical problems that had remained unresolved for over a year by Western medicine. He was able to pinpoint the cause of my disease, which I am positive would never be acknowledged by a medical professional and he "removed" it. What he found was quite a surprise to me and I have now seen as time has passed, he was correct. What he did for me was monumental and helped open me to a massive Awakening. I can't think of a more tremendous gift. 

~Eva Winchester, Rockaway Beach Oregon

Years back I had a stress test. The next day my doctor called me, not his assistant-not his nurse, him. He told me I had arterial blockages. He said I needed either a stent or  surgery and I needed it right away. He called me the day after the test and said I needed to come in to have another test done where they would decide what to do. I called Kevin for help. On that day they did another test. That doctor asked me what they told me I was coming in for? I told him. He kept shaking his head and saying this can't be right. It was right. My arteries were unblocked. They still are.

I had surgery on my back in for spinal stenosis. I was in a skilled nursing facility for three weeks after that. I was put on a catheter as I was numb from the waist down. They told me I would be on a catheter for the rest of my life and I might never really be very functional in terms of walking working or getting around on my own.  That was a year and five months ago. I work and I get around amazingly. I have two jobs now. 

In August they did an MRI again. I was still in a lot of pain and struggling. My legs were numb and they hurt as the nerves that were involved in the stenosis go to my legs. At that time the MRI showed that the stenosis was still present and there was fluid built up around my spine. 

I just had another MRI. The stenosis is gone and there is no fluid built up in and I have no pain. Truly amazing and wonderful. I am so happy.  My primary doctor  is amazed by this. He kept saying it was a miracle which it truly is.

Kevin is a true healer.
He has helped me with my health and my depression which are related. 
He is a natural. 
Thank you so much Kevin.
I am so blessed by your help.

Terry Baker, Seattle Washington
(415) 499-1812