Useful Alchemy

I'm a physician. A few years ago I discovered a growth on my kidney. I discussed it with Kevin. He neutralized the growth. Lab tests indicated I have improved kidney function. I've had no problems with it for the last five years. I'm happy I was spared a date with a surgeon's knife. 

~ Fritz Miller, M.D. Pendleton Oregon

In all of my life I've never had a session that had such a profound effect on me and I've had plenty of sessions including ME. You are indeed very powerful. I feel GOLDEN.

~Karin Halla, Finland

Kevin is very good at what he does. He lives and breathes these ideas that change any and everything. I remain astounded and amazed. Awesome stuff.

~James Taylor, Bournemouth England

Before Kevin worked with me I was overwhelmed with becoming a Nurse and life in general. You had to peel me off the ceiling just to begin your energy work. Now my anxiety level has just about disappeared. My chronic hip pain is gone and I'm amazed by my calmness. During the process of buying our new home, which you really helped with, I experienced no anxiety even though there were many obstacles to overcome. I feel like I've become the person I always knew I could be. Your work continues even after it's done. It never seems to stop working. I appreciate your genuine concern for me and my family. I'm a different way better person since I met you. You're the best.

~Wendy Knapp, Seattle Washington

Kev's work has the voltage to help me shift into the best sense of myself---even half way around the world. I expand myself whenever we work together. I recently broke through a long writer's block to compose a really great poem. I set my goals and Kev helps me get there.

~KK, Seattle Washington

A few months ago I had a session with Kevin. I was embarking on a career shift to follow my heart's desire. His manner was kind humorous and related, while also being clear and focused. His skill as a professional psychic coupled with energy work creates the perfect blend of information about oneself and simultaneously the opportunity to experience a profound and permanent shift in the energy pattern surrounding an issue. I absolutely experienced my reality being altered for the more expansive creative version of myself. Thank you Kevin.

~Chris Lynn, Colorado 

For what it is worth, Chris is of the clearest psychics I've ever met. This really means a lot to me.

​Instant transformation is what I experienced. After our session I knew something was different, I couldn't put my finger on it. I felt very calm and restful. The next day I felt more in tune with myself and a much greater sense of clarity. The session with Kevin was a real turning point for me.

~Henok Solomon, Stockholm Sweden

​There's always a way to find a better reality if you're not satisfied with the direction you're going in. Whatever you need in your life Kevin will help you find and manifest your intention. Kevin has helped me with many things in my life. My children and their issues along with health issues of my own. Kevin will help you through all that you bring to the table. Many people have been changed due to Kevin's knowledge and abilities. Kevin will work with you to find the best possible outcome for your greater good.

~Kathe Lynn Garde, Milwaukee Wisconsin