Useful Alchemy
A session lasts around an hour. The cost is $200.00. They run over more often than they do not.  I'm having fun so I tend  to lose track of time.  My goal is to get you there in as few sessions as possible. I was a long distance swimmer and I'm always trying to get my times down.  

We begin with you telling me what you want. I want to know what your ideal life looks like to you. If you could have or change anything, what that would be? If you could dream big, how would your life take shape? Your dreams are real. Before anything, big or small was ever created it was a vision and or a dream.

Sessions are in person, by phone and Skype. I can record your session and if you like for future reference. My schedule is flexible and I can pretty much accommodate whatever time that works for you.  It's not necessary for me to be physically present with you to make this work because it happens on an energy level. I love working with people in person whenever possible.  I have clients all over the world. You can pay me by Paypal at this address or by check and, of course, actual currency is accepted. 

Alchemical Services
Most people are working on their career, finances, relationships and health. I'm open to things not mentioned here. I'm always refining and upgrading my skills. They have lives of their own. They work though me. This is an obsession. There's nothing in this life that holds my interest more than people. The best things in life are people not things. When you tell me what you want in your terms I make your life work better for you. I  fine tune people. 
Training (NEW)

(415) 499-1812

I am now offering training. My journey was long. You can benefit from my experience by having a more streamlined route. Email or call (415) 499-1812. We will figure out when to do your session or start your training. Whatever works best. If you're interested in something I haven't touched upon definitely let me know about that too.