Useful Alchemy
Welcome to my page.

My name is Kevin Foor and I'm an Alchemist.

​Alchemy is commonly associated with changing base metals into gold but my view is different.

People are my metal and restoring them to the precious metal that is their pure essence is my Alchemy.

I don't change anyone, I delete programming and show them who they really are.

Things happen and we unconsciously allow them to define our lives..

An example is an abusive and or neglected childhood.

​What if your life was unaffected by the past?

We project reality, the past isn't a problem unless we dwell on it.

Wouldn't it be nice to project a happy fulfilling life starting right now?

What if beliefs that have been limiting your existence no longer mattered?

Everything that's "real," or solid, including your body, exists at a quantum level. 

Everything can transform from that level

Let my skills work for you. 

If you could change anything what would that be?

What if it's easier than you've ever imagined?

What do you have to lose by investing in yourself?

Tell me your dreams and let's see what shows up.

People don't get what they want because they haven't defined their desires clearly.

Jim Carrey is an Alchemist of the highest order, I love that guy.

He says people feel so small that they don't even bother to ask for their true desires.

If  you don't ask how can it happen?

Lets make it clear and make it happens.

It'll be fun. 

Let's change your life.

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